Comments taken from anonymous student evaluations unless otherwise noted.

Applied Voice

“Ms. Riebe is an excellent voice teacher.  She is very professional and is very effective in her methods.  She gives great examples and motivates her students to give their best.  I love having lessons with her.  I would recommend her strongly.”

“Ms. Riebe is a top-notch instructor.  She communicates concepts effectively and clearly.  She has a great ear for detail and nuance yet never loses sight of the big picture when helping you refine your technique.”

“Jenice Riebe is the type of teacher that goes above and beyond the requirements of a studio instructor.  She wants to constantly become a better teacher – for her students’ sake.  She’s great.”

“She pays close attention to detail and always has helpful advice.  She pushes me to work hard but does not put unrealistic pressure on me as a student.”

“Ms. Riebe is such a great professor.  She genuinely cares about her students, is always accessible, and gives such great feedback and help.”

“Ms. Riebe is awesome!  She is very good at taking different approaches if you don’t understand the first time.”

“Ms. Riebe has always allowed me to grow on my own as a musician with giving me the perfect tools to teach myself.”

“Riebe will be a teacher I will never forget.  Not only does she care about her students success as a vocalist, but she cares about their success beyond that.  She was always there when needed, whether by phone, email, or in person.  No matter what, she went out of her way.”

“Ms. Riebe is so helpful and patient.  If someone is struggling she is able to think of a variety of ways to help the.  I learned so much from her.”

“Jenice is always so clear with letting you know what she wants or needs from you in order to produce a better sound.  She is thorough and expressive, and is quick to help her students find the solution to whatever problems they have.  I HIGHLY recommend her.”

Singing for the Stage

“Jenice introduces, demonstrates, and reinforces concepts clearly in the classroom….She is straightforward, patient, and attentive to detail.  She has gone beyond her job description to help out our department.  Her substantial experience in musical theatre, improvisation, and directing has greatly benefited our students.”  Jennifer Juul, Associate Professor, Theatre and Cinema Department at Radford Univeristy

“This course is excellent for one who is on a performance track in theater or music.  The skills taught here were and are used every time I perform.”

“Ms. Riebe is a very sweet lady who genuinely cares about her students.  She works very hard to make sure we succeed.”

“Ms. Riebe is fantastic – always willing to set aside extra time for her students.”

Ear Training and Sight-Singing/ Theory

“She is always positive and ready to go!  This makes the class fun and more enjoyable.”

“Jenice has thoroughly prepared her students to take on the rigors of the next level of aural skills.  She has also incorporated several pedagogical methods that I have since adapted into my classroom teaching.”  Dr. Robert Glarner, Associate Professor of Music Theory, Radford University

“I like her way of teaching.  I have obviously improved.”

“She is a wonderful teacher that I have learned so much from.  She is willing to give extra help outside of class.”

“Ms. Riebe takes an outstanding interest in her students.  She takes the time to understand why you might be struggling in the class, remembers it, and helps you through it.  A very professional and personal woman.”

“Ms. Riebe is a great instructor who truly wants to help us young musicians to develop the tools necessary to excel in our field.”

“She is great at communicating with her students.  She’s one of the best professors I have.  She has great people skills and always works with you when you need help.”

“Wouldn’t want to learn theory from anyone else!”

Music History and Literature

“Her enthusiasm for a difficult subject made it more enjoyable for me.”

“I love Professor Riebe!  She provided excitement and energy, and enthusiasm to the course.  She made me excited about learning music.  I feel more prepared as a music major because of her teaching style and  character.  She Rocks!”

Vocal Pedagogy

“Extremely helpful class!”

“Professor Riebe is an excellent teacher.  She really loves her subject and it shows.”

“The best class I have ever taken.  It was valuable to me personally as well as for teaching purposes.  Thank you, Professor Riebe.”