Semester Courses

Improvisation/process oriented instruction in concentration, body awareness, characterization, scene development, spontaneity, and ensemble-building; toolbox of acting exercises and strategies; workshop performances

Applied Piano
Piano for non-majors, fingering and hand positions, scales and arpeggios, basic harmonic functions, music literacy and expression, sight reading

Applied Voice
Undergraduate voice majors, vocal anatomy, breath production, resonance, practice habits, mnemonic strategies, musicianship and interpretation, student recitals

Ear Training and Sight-Singing I, II, III
Solfege (moveable), interval identification, tetrachords, one and two part melodic dictation, harmonic dictation, rhythmic skills, tonal sight-singing

Lyric Diction
English/Italian/German/French, IPA, articulatory system overview; vowel/consonant classifications, syllabification and stress, rules for pronunciation, overview of grammatical constructions, resources and strategies

Music Appreciation
Historical survey of Western music, basic music literacy, listening skills, reflection

Music History and Literature I, II
In-depth survey of the major developments of Western music:  medieval time period through twentieth century; forms and style; significant composers; cultural influences

Music Theory I, II, III
Circle of fifths; interval, chord and cadence identification; harmonic analysis and realization; harmonic and melodic analysis, forms and structures, secondary harmony, modulation, complex chords, simple twelve-tone row analysis, keyboard harmony

Singing for the Stage
Fundamental instruction in vocal technique, music literacy, and audition preparation; synthesis of vocal and acting techniques; master class and one-on-one instruction; opera/art song/musical theater repertoire; workshop performances

Vocal Pedagogy
Physiology and acoustics of vocal function, overview of pedagogical methods, vocal development through systematic vocalises, survey of beginner’s repertoire, singer’s resources, vocal health, teaching practicums

Voice Class
Voice for non-majors; fundamental instruction in vocal technique, diction, and performance; procedures for learning, interpreting and memorizing music